Meetings this week

This week sees two Transition Loughborough meetings!

First up we have the Energy Group meeting on Tuesday evening in the Swan in the Rushes pub.  We’ll be doing last minute planning and preparation for the Loughborough Energy Efficient Homes event on 17th/18th May, plus talking about the idea of hosting a draught busting workshop later in the summer.  The meeting starts at 7pm and will probably last for a couple of hours – all are welcome to get a drink, pull up a chair and join in!

Then on Thursday 8th May we have a Quarterly General Meeting at Roseberry St Peter’s Community Centre. The agenda for the evening is:

7-7:30: Display from each sub-group to look at before the meeting begins. Drink and snacks available (all to bring something to share)

7:30-9:30: Meeting

1. Sub-group Updates – summary of what they’ve been doing and what they’re planning (2 mins per sub-group)

2. Finance Update

3. Discussion: ideas for raising more funds – especially to cover general costs

4. Discussion: how to make decisions about how to spend general funds (using the recent google group discussion as a starting point)

5. Constitution discussion (following on from discussion at last meeting and subsequent google discussion)

6. Potato Day – conversation about how we finance the initial upfront costs

Once again all are welcome to attend.

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