Community Allotment Workparty and Gardening Workshop 22nd March 2014

This Saturday sees two related events at the Transition Loughborough Community Allotment located just off King George Road in Loughborough.  From 9am until lunchtime we’ll be erecting the fruit cage and accessible gardening beds that we received funding for from the Loughborough East Community Forum public vote.  These will give us space to grow soft fruit under bird protection netting as well as giving raised growing beds for use by people with mobility issues.

After lunch, from 1pm until 3pm we’ll then have a FREE gardening workshop run by expert local gardener Andy.  He’ll be covering two topics: building “hot” raised beds using a technique called Hugelkultur and explaining how to successfully grow soft fruits.  Hugelkultur is a simple process that uses waste wood, twigs, branches and even whole tree trunks to produce rich, fertile garden beds whilst also helping sequestrate carbon into the ground.  It can be used to give good growing conditions even on poor soils and the process generates a little gentle heat in the beds from the decomposition that can help protect plant roots from light frosts.

The soft fruit part of the work shop will look at how to choose, plant and maintain soft fruits such as raspberries, black/red/white currants and gooseberries.  As we’ll hopefully have erected the fruit cage this will also be a “hands on” session where we can plant such bushes in the fruit cage for everyone to enjoy.

Both sessions are FREE and all are welcome to come to either one or both – no need to book, just turn up.  The allotment site is located along a little track behind a five bar wooden gate at the corner of King George Road – our three plots are round the corner in the middle of the site.  You’ll need sensible footwear and warm clothes and if you’re coming to the morning workparty and happen to have a cordless screwdriver or drill, please bring them along to make the jobs go faster!  Unfortunately we’re still working on making access to the plots easier for people with mobility issues – please be aware that the site access track is quite rough and so may be difficult for some people to get along at the moment.

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