Notes on Energy Group Meeting 4th March 2014

Present: Steve, Jon, Barry, Paul, Philip, Caroline, Bertil

Need to produce some promotional material. Phil would like A5 flyers for his allotments as people in that area have a mix of External Wall Insulation (EWI) fitted by council and non-EWI on similar properties and there has already been some interest. Steve said that the Library allow A4 posters to be put up for £2 charge. We also said that we’d get posters made up for community centres.

ACTION: Jon to produce A5 Flyer for Phil’s allotment with simple message, picture and link to website.

ACTION: Jon to produce A4 posters for Library/community centres – one for home owner recruitment and one for event promotion. Base on A5 leaflet design for consistency?

ACTION: Jon to write article for University FM sustainability team.

ACTION: Jon to produce modified version of TL logo with “Energy Efficient Homes” strapline.

ACTION: Philip and Steve to deliver flyers to EWI fitted homes.

Deadline: need to get five homes agreed by 17th April. Doing quite well already with 4 confirmed homes and 3 or 4 potential ones. Philip is keeping track of homes willing to take part and will pass details to Jon for putting on CSE Green Open Homes web microsite.

Need to produce a Gantt chart of our plan before we put in for the first invoice. Caroline showed us an example she had done before.

ACTION: Caroline to produce Gantt chart and submit to CSE.

Steve said that the Library also have a display tables that can be booked – we might be able to get one in the weeks before the event.

ACTION: Steve to check Library display availability.

Caroline forwarded details of Passivhaus standard commercial property – we agreed it would be great if we could include them as well.

ACTION: Caroline to contact the property owners to see if they’d like to be included.

Training day on Sat 29th March in Chesterfield. Kate Watson from Bristol Green Doors and Tina Holt from West Bridgeford will be presenting (as well as Caroline!). Several of us will be going – Caroline made a note of who – if travelling by train we should book tickets early.

ACTION: Caroline to liaise with people who want to come with times, places and train ticket booking.

Talked about engaging Bangladeshi community – getting flyers translated. Steve said that Minara might be able to give us more information about how the Bangladeshi community could get involved. Might also be able to get a Polish translation made of the leaflets (ask Ken maybe?)

ACTION: Steve to talk to Minara after Jon has produced a leaflet.

Might be able to have the MEA mobile exhibition vehicle in Loughborough one weekend before to help provide

ACTION: Caroline to talk to Maria French about getting MEA mobile exhibit set.

Paul has friend in Quorn Parish council who can help promote it in Quorn. Bertil has ability to put information in local Woodhouse community publication as well to attract visitors.

Decided to talk about monitoring and evaluations at next month’s meeting.

Jon said that we need to get volunteers to help support home owners. Some home owners don’t want to open their homes alone. Phil said that we should be able to get volunteers from LAGS or student Action teams. Caroline asked if we should have experts on hand in the homes. Steve said a better idea is to get people to write down questions that we can’t answer. Caroline also said that the CSE have information sheets available that we can use.

ACTION: Philip to produce information pack for each house holder from CSE material.

ACTION: Caroline to sending LAGS an email about getting volunteers to help support home owners.

Caroline suggested having a couple of volunteers leafleting the market on Saturday morning to advertise the event. Jon pointed out we can’t do that on the day as we want the visitors to pre-register. Better to have leafleting with the MEA exhibition vehicle a few weeks before. Caroline also said that we need to remember to get photos at the event ready for next year.

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