Meetings this coming week

We’ve got two Transition Loughborough meetings coming up this week!

On Tuesday 4th March the Energy Group will be meeting in the Swan in the Rushes pub from 7-9pm.  We’ll be continuing the planning for the Loughborough Energy Efficient Open Homes event, which will be held on the weekend of 17th & 18th May 2014.  We need people who have made energy efficiency measures in their homes that they’d like to share with others, people to help organize and promote the events and people who would be available on the event weekend to support house holders who have opened their homes.

On Thursday 6th March the Food & Gardens group are back to their regular first Thursday of the month meeting.  This month we’ll be meeting in the Coffee Lounge at the Roseberry St Peters Community Centre on Storer Road.  We’ll be mostly discussing the planned 2015 Potato Day (yes, 2015 – these days can take a year to organize!), although we’ll also be finalizing plans for the 22nd March community allotment workday/workshop and Fiona will be explaining how to lay out a crop rotation.  People attending the meeting are asked to get to the centre before 7pm, partly because we have a full agenda to get through in two hours and partly because the Coffee Lounge is accessed through the main hall which will have people doing Judo in it from 7pm!

All are welcome to attend either, or both, of these meetings.  Come and be part of the community movement that is aiming to help Loughborough be cleaner, greener and more resilient!

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