Seed Swap in Loughborough Public Library

This coming Saturday morning we’re holding one of our popular Seed Swaps in Loughborough public library from 10am to noon!

You are invited to come along with any of your old, unwanted seeds, drop them in the pile of seed packets and then have a rummage to see if there are any seeds you’d like for yourself.  We will have seeds for flowers, herbs and vegetables available and you can add and take as many packets as you as you like – no money changes as hands as the swap is all free.  You can bring out of date packets, self saved seeds (labelled please!), packets from magazine covers and half used packs – people will be happy to swap any of those!

As well as the main Seed Swap event we will also have some other interesting stalls.  A Master Composter will be on hand to help you with any problems and advice you might need with your back garden composting.  If you are looking to save a few pennies and find something productive to do on the dark Winter nights we will have some people on hand to demonstrate how to “make do and mend” repairing clothes and how to make small needlecraft items such as lavender bags.  For those wanting to exercise their woodworking skills we’ll also be talking about making bird boxes.

Saturday 8th February also happens to be The National Library Week ‘Coffee Morning’ celebrations so its worthwhile visiting the library to take part in that as well.

If you are in Loughborough town centre on Saturday morning why not pop in for 15 minutes and get yourself prepared for growing this Spring?

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