Transition General Meeting This Thursday


A gentle reminder that all are welcome to attend our annual general meeting and review of progress and achievements, 7.00 p.m., at the Delice Café, Baxter  Gate on Thursday 23rd January.

The Agenda is below.




  1. 7.00 p.m. Browsing scrap books and displays
  2. 7.30 p.m. Finances: Financial Report – Paul (Acting Treasurer)
  • £70.00 donation from Quakers – Sue
  • Appointment of Treasurer (Note: essential post)

3. Food and Drinks: to be eaten whilst we continue discussion.

Sandwiches can be pre-ordered. Steve co-ordinating (I think!)

 4. Re-visit original Guidelines (Core principles – see below).

Are we still happy with these? Are we still a “mulling” Transition Group? Do we want to organize differently?

 5. Publicity:

  • Articles for community newspapers – Caroline
  • Other ideas

6. Links with Council: – Caroline/Sue
7. Reports from Groups:

  • Energy – Phil/Caroline
  • Hearts and Minds and Community – Sue
  • (Transport) – Jon/Sue/a.n.other
  • Skill-share – Steve (inc.bird-box workshop; seed swap)
  • Food and Gardens/Gardening – Martha?

 8. AOB (preferably notified to chairperson, Sue, beforehand)

  • Do we want to re-establish General Meetings?

9. Date, Time and Venue of next meeting (if we agree to have one)

(compiled by Sue 14 Jan 2014)

Transition Loughborough Core Principles:

To engage those living and working in Loughborough in creating and
sharing opportunities to respond positively and build resilience to a
changing climate and declining supplies of oil and other fossil fuels.

Guiding Principles:

1. We are accountable to ourselves and each other, responsibility and
leadership is shared by everyone.

2. We welcome all who want to be involved, recognising we can learn
from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

3. We should emphasise what is to be gained from changing our
lifestyles rather than what may be lost.

4. We are aware of our interdependence with others – locally,
nationally and globally.

5. We recognise that for individuals the change to sustainability
needed is both inner and outer, and this will bring both challenges
and opportunities.

6. We acknowledge and value what is already being done and look
forward to working together to strengthen sustainability in

7. We recognise that we are not the experts, people in Loughborough
already possess many of the skills needed to build resilience and we
want to spread these further.

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