Loughborough Energy Efficient Homes

Transition Town Loughborough energy Group is to receive almost £2000 to run an ‘open homes project’ in May this year (2014).  The money comes from the Department of Energy and Climate change and has been awarded by the Centre for Sustainable  Energy and Bristol Green Doors who are administering the scheme.

Loughborough Energy Efficient Homes will Click here to get involvedbe part of the new national network for low-carbon open homes. We aim to have at least 6 households who will open their door to the public in order to show them energy efficiency measures or renewable energy generation technology which they have had installed. Encouraging people to visit homes in their neighbourhoods that have made energy-saving improvements is an effective way of inspiring them to follow suit. This highly successful ‘open homes’ model was pioneered by Bristol Green Doors and has been replicated nationally with government support.

Over the course of a weekend householders will welcome visitors who have booked via a project website, show them what they have done to lower their energy use (and bills) and answer their questions. Evidence shows that this really works. Many of us already have the attitude that saving and generating clean energy is a great idea, but the transition of attitudes in to actions can be a big jump. One way to overcome this, as with many walks of life, is to talk to people who have done it. This community learning approach builds people’s confidence to take action. For an overview of how an open homes project works, see the video below from the Centre for Sustainable Energy, or click here.

Sharing and learning at an open homes event in Bristol, 2011

The first task for Loughborough Energy Efficient Homes is to find willing householders. We’re interested in any home which can demonstrate improvements to reduce energy consumption. These may be low-cost measures such as heavy curtains, draft-proofing or secondary glazing, more costly improvements like external wall or floor insulation, and renewable energy technologies such as solar PV panels, solar water heating, or super efficient boilers with heating controls and monitoring systems.

Can you help – could your energy efficiency and technology measures inspire others to take action? Or can you support a householder on the open day? There will be plenty of help; an information day for householders is planned for Sat 29th March . Please get in touch to find out more about how you can help sow the seeds of the big energy transition. You can email the project here.

Open homes Video From the CSE

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