Minutes of Energy Group meeting 26th Nov 2013

Held in the Swan-in-the-Rushes pub, 7:30pm-9:30pm

Present: Phil Leicester, Joe Krueger, John Barton. Judy Ong, Caroline Harmon

1) Retrofit Project

This project is a partnership between the Uni, Rural Community Council, Energy Saving Co-op and Imex (an insulation installer – originally this was Permarock but they have chosen to pass this work to Imex who use Permarock products).

The overall aim is to install External Solid Wall Insulation (EWI) on 200 homes in Loughborough in two years. The project will begin in Jan 2014.

Focus on: Hastings Ward, Lemyngton Ward and Storer Ward.

There is an aim to use this project to find out how to bring down the costs of EWI when installing on individual homes. The uni. are developing a technology to do surveys of homes faster using photos of them. Some of the homes will have their energy usage monitored after the installation takes place.

Householders should be able to access ECO funding (unless the government scrap it!) but will still have to make a financial contribution. The RCC are looking to work with some community groups in the area to help promote the project. Phil thinks we could ask them for a grant of up to £5000 to help us do this.

After a discussion it was clear that most (although not all) people at the meeting wanted to make this one of our projects and ask RCC for this grant.

We thought of some ways we might spend this:

• Leaflets to do a leaflet drop of the relevant areas. These leaflets could also promote the Solar PV project and the TLCA at the same time (or we could do multiple leaflets but put them all through doors at the same time to save us time). We considered if we should focus on Hastings Ward as we already have a presence via the TLCA. We didn’t make a final decision on this though. Caroline noted that, general speaking, residents in Lemyngton Ward might be more capable of paying for EWI than in Hastings Ward. AP: One of us to ask the food group if they would like to advertise the TLCA at the same time. They would need to provide text/images and some vols to help with the delivery.

• Adverts in the local paper.

• Public Meetings. We could organise meetings in community venues in the targeted areas to tell people about the project. These could be just about the project, or about energy efficiency in general. One suggestion was to tag on to other events as people are more likely to come when the event isn’t just abut environmental stuff. One option was to have a display board and someone who could talk to people at the Seed Swap in February if the seed swap goes ahead. AP: ??? Someone to discuss this with the Food Group. Did we pick someone to do this?

• Thermal Imaging Camera training. We could borrow RCC’s TI camera, but will first need to be trained in how to use it. Judy, Phil and John all expressed an interest in attending this training if RCC will put it on for us. AP: Caroline to email the google group to find out if others would like to be trained.

• Energy Champion Training. Again RCC run this training which would give people an understanding of how to advise people on energy saving in their homes. This would be useful for this project and also for other future projects. It wouldn’t just look at EWI. AP: Caroline to email to the google group to find out who is interested in attending this training if RCC will put it on for us.

• Fantastic Home vehicle. MEA, the charity Caroline works for, could provide a mobile energy efficiency exhibition that could visit targeted areas, or events such as Picnic in the Park or the Mela, or just the market place on a busy day, to promote the project and offer energy saving advice. AP: Caroline to end the FH brochure to Phil.

AP: Phil to cost the items on this list and email a proposal to Energy group for comments, then propose to the RCC.

Since this bid was submitted our contact at the RCC, Diane Cook, has left. We think the new contact is a lady who cover the Charnwood area of RCC. AP: Phil to ascertain who is the new contact.

Caroline asked if this person would be based in Loughborough or in RCC’s Leicester office. We’re not sure.

Caroline pointed out that at the meeting TL recently had with Hannah Moss of Leics CoCo she said the were putting together a bid for funding from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to help people install SWI. Caroline, through her work, is aware of other councils submitting bids to this fund. It would provide extra funding, on top of ECO funding, for householders to install SWI. It would be area-based – councils would choose small clusters of streets to focus on.

AP: Caroline to email Hannah Moss to ask if they have put in a bid, what this would mean for households wanting to install EWI, and how our project might link with this funding if they get it.

E.g.: could some of the clusters of housing be in the three wards we’re looking at.

2) Green Open Homes Competition

Phil suggested that through this competition we could get funding for an Open Homes Event Phil knows of four or five homes that would open. We could ask the council if they ask tenants in social housing who have recently had SWI installed if they would open.

Caroline recently made a successful application to this fund on behalf of MEA for a similar event in Notts and Derbyshire. As well as money you also get support from Bristol Green Doors. However, MEA only received half of what we asked for – worth bearing in mind the same could happen if we apply.

AP: Caroline agreed to write an application on behalf of TL for funds to run an event in either April or May 2014. Jon and Phil agreed to read drafts of the bid and provide idea on what we need funding for.

3) Energy Group’s Contribution to the AGM/Celebration

We ran out of time for this agenda item. ?AP: Discuss by email and google group?

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