Great apple pressing at Old Dalby scout hut on Nov 3rd

We took the Transition Loughborough apple press to Old Dalby near Melton Mowbray today for what is likely to be one of the last public pressing events of the 2013 season. Its been a great pressing season this year with some fabulous fun events and hundreds of kilograms of apples pressed, and this event was definitely in keeping with that trend! The scout group had collected many large sacks of apples which were washed, pulped and pressed today, resulting in a large collection of bottles, jars and demijohnns full of apple juice.

The scout group were great hosts, even providing a delicious lunch half way through the day. I think its safe to say that everyone had a great time and there’s going to be a lot of apple juice drunk in the village over the next few days. We had the Transition Loughborough pasteurizer available as well so about 25 litres of apple juice got the heat treatment to extend its shelf life: people will be able to have locally sourced and processed apple juice with their Christmas dinner!

We even got to do a “compare and contrast” of our hydraulic press against a brand new German screw thread press – our’s presses more thoroughly and a bit faster, but the screw press is simpler to set up and wash. Thankfully we were indoors with mains power today so the drill scratter could keep both presses supplied with pulp and we managed to avoid being soaked in the lunchtime downpour. Here’s a quick video taken on one of our mobile phones of our press in action:

The press is back in Loughborough now and, once it has dried out, with be oiled with vegetable oil and have a bit of TLC applied to it so that its ready for the 2014 season next July. We’re already getting repeat bookings coming in!

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3 Responses to Great apple pressing at Old Dalby scout hut on Nov 3rd

  1. suellap says:

    Very well done. That is impressive! Next year I’ll bring lots of apples. I didn’t realize there was a pasteurizing processor available too. What a great group this is.

    • The pasteurizer doesn’t often get an outing as it needs to be used indoors (many of our pressings are held outside) and often the juice is drunk too quickly to need heat treatment. In fact it was interesting today to be able to compare the dark brown freshly pressed juice with the more golden colour of the bottles that had been pasteurized. The pasteurized juice should last for a few months if the lids aren’t opened – the fresh juice needs to be kept in the fridge & drunk within 3-4 days (or put in an air locked vessel for fermentation in cider).

      Thanks for the offer of apples for next year, but don’t forget bottles or barrels for the juice too – we nearly ran out of containers to put it in at one point today!

  2. Philip Leicester says:

    A heartfelt thanks to all Loughborough transitioners for all the hard work apple pressing and taking the transition message of locally sourced food to such a wide a diverse audience over the course of the year

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