Food & Gardens Group Meeting Thursday 7th November 2013

The Transition Loughborough Food & Gardens group will be holding one of their regular meetings this coming Thursday, 7th November, starting at 7.00pm. We’ll be holding it at 134 Herrick Road, Loughborough (NOT at the Organ Grinder, as the room there has already been booked for another event).  Martha will be facilitating the meeting and we’ll be looking at how local food and growing projects have worked this year and what can be done to develop them further in 2014.

Also a bit of advance notification: we’ve got a Festive Feast taking place at the Polish Club in Loughborough on Thursday 28th November from 7.00pm.  As usual all are welcome to attend and we’ll be sharing food with one another – much of it grown or sourced locally.  Pop it in your diary to come along for a night of Transition chat with friends!

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