Notes from Food & Gardens Group meeting 5th September

Delice Deli will be holding an hour of introductory Spanish tomorrow evening  5.30-6.45pm. Also as part of the Leicestershire Local Foods Fortnight they’ll be putting on an evening of local foods and drinks on Friday 4th October for £12.95 per person. Make bookings by going into the Delice Deli.

Next Food & Gardens meeting will be on Thursday 3rd October starting at 6pm and with a harvest and BBQ (dependent on the weather a little). People are encouraged to bring things to BBQ (especially if they are veggie) and let John Sweet know if they have any specific dietry requirements (eg Jon and Paul are veggie).  People with access to battery lights or storm lanterns should also bring them along.

We have funding coming for buying raised beds and fruit cage. The fruit cage has to come from the people we got the quote from as it is bespoke and has wide enough doors for wheelchairs. Plan to start the project in October and finished by 24th November. The fruit cage is 4.5m x 4.5m which is roughly the size of the “spare” area. We could put some raised beds inside the cage. Martha suggested getting the student Action group could provide labour one Wednesday afternoon for clearing the space.

Minara had a meeting with Steve about possible funding for projects at the community allotment. They suggested watering options. Jon said that mains watering was expensive but he and Ken had some options for solar powered watering.  It was pointed out that Ruth Allen had passed on some information about African water pumps at WEDC on campus.  Ken and Jon had recently been to a DIY solar workshop at the Nottingham Hackspace and Jon had just received a 12V submersible water pump so that we could try out a solar powered pumping system next year (as one of the other plot holders had popped by to drop off cucumbers and mentioned that in the winter the brook can easily flood so we probably want to make sure that the pump is removable).

Moira from Cobden school came to the meeting and Paul asked about her school’s apple pressing. She said that its on Thursday 17th October 13.10 to 15.10 in the afternoon – Paul and Barry will be manning it. There was discussion of how it would be organised as 6-12 classes need to be handled. Jon reported that the Sutton Bonnington pressing went well and they might want another one as they’ve got plenty of local apples being offered to them and want to raise the profile of the group within the village.  We have other pressings book at LAGS (25th & 26th October) and Robert Bakewell school on 1st October (need Transition volunteers to run that one).

Next Gardening workshop is Saturday 12th October at LAGS with Andy and Bobby. Seed saving will be definitely included in the items covered in this workshop.

Festive Feast: this will be at the Polish Centre on Thursday 28th November – Lillian is going to confirm the booking. Theme suggested as “Things We’ve Grown”. Judy has the Transition dehydrator, Ken & Lillian have the bread machine, Jon has the pasteuriser and press at the moment.

Paul asked about having a Transition general meeting. Judy suggested having a half an hour session at the start of the Festive Feast.

Paul also said Action for a Better Charnwood next Tuesday 10th September at 7pm on the three options for the town centre (completely pedestrianised, buses going one way or buses going two ways). This will be presented by the head of Kinch buses.

Organic farm in Hathern has been entered into a national competition.

Martha said that Andy had contacted her with a greenhouse & net tunnel that he is selling to interested parties. John Sweet said he was interested.

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3 Responses to Notes from Food & Gardens Group meeting 5th September

  1. suellap says:

    I would very much like to see the dehydrator in action. Would that be likely to be happening soon?

    • Its not something we tend to do demos of as the actual food preparation to go in the dehydrator is mostly just “cut things into thin slices” and the actual dehydrating process takes 8-10 hours. However earlier in the year I made a video to show the process which you can see at

      If folk are interested in seeing the dehydrator in the flesh I could always bring it along to a Food & Gardens group meeting (Transition Loughborough owns one that is lent out, plus I’ve got my own as seen in the video above).

  2. suellap says:

    Thank you Jim,
    I’ll re-vist the video and ask if I can borrow or rent one please. We have several apple trees and can’t manage to freeze or eat them all.


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