Flock around the Crops – Sunday 2nd June

We are trying to raise awareness about the various community growing projects in Loughborough and get an overview of the stage of development that each has reached. By coming together we hope not only to link them up but it may be that we can recruit some help and support for them from, say, people who would like to be growing but haven’t got their own allotment. It should be a great networking opportunity.

The timetable is:

9.30am – Transition Loughborough Community Allotment, King George’s Road (Fiona/Steve to explain and take questions).

10.30am – Shelthorpe Community Garden, Howe Road (off Park Road, opposite TESCOs) – (Jay/Paul to explain etc)
Please do not park in the cul de sac because residents won’t be able to get out.

11.30am – Voluntary Action Charnwood project, Mountfields allotment (entrance from Forest Road near Epinal Way roundabout) – Bobby to explain etc.

12.30am – Landscape and Garden Society, University, behind car park 5 (Pawas to explain).

Followed by a Lunch (Martha and Judy organising).

It should be a very interesting and enjoyable morning, weather permitting, please do come along if you can. Or you can come to particular “legs” of it.

If at all possible please cycle or walk or share a car with someone.

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One Response to Flock around the Crops – Sunday 2nd June

  1. suellap says:

    I’ll try to get to the first one, dratted cold permitting…

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