April 2013 Food & Gardens Meeting

With Easter weekend approaching here is early notice of the Food & Gardens sub group meeting on Thursday 4th April, 7.00pm in the Organ Grinder (upstairs room – please buy a drink on the way in to help support the pub & keep the room free!).

John Sweet has kindly agreed to chair this meeting.

The draft agenda is as follows (though, as always, please do bring or add items).

1. Welcome new members.
2. Information sharing, including Transition Free Press (first edition) and Leicestershire and Rutland Open Gardens.
3. Feedback from Nottingham (Edible Todmorden) meeting. Is there anything we can apply in Loughborough? (Fiona/Jon/Steve/Martha).
4. Community allotment
– Entry into Its Your Neighbourhood (Fiona/Steve)
– Future Plans (Fiona/All)
– Decision on funding a fruit cage (John)
5. Local Food event at Delice Deli on 6th April
6. Town twinning event at John Storer House on 6th April
7. Next Food workshops (Martha)
8.. “Flock around the Crops” 2nd June (Paul)
9.. The Big Tea 2nd June (Judy)
10. Work with schools (Steve/Moira)
11. Supporting Charnwood Youth Council
12. Apple Press/apple events (Paul)
13. Anything else?
14. Date, time and venue of next meeting.
Thanks.  We hope to see you next Thursday!

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