Notes from Food & Garden Meeting 7th March 2013

Chaired by Martha – apologies from Sue.

Sue had asked about providing flowers and seeds to Charnwood Youth Council – Martha said that LAGS provided this last year and could do it again this year. Could also be useful to share gardening experience with them – they have a chap coordinating the project. Paul and Roxanna help them clear their beds last year. Fiona suggested that if we can get more people working at the community allotment we could arrange work parties to such projects in the future. Sue is also offering to do a carbon footprint of food workshop as part of Loughborough Skill Share Network.

TL has been invited by CBC to join in with the town twinning event intended to showcase voluntary groups to Loughborough’s twin towns, which Paul has accepted. The event is on 6th April 10am at John Storer House. We need to bring our own promotional material – Steve, Paul and Ken will be attending.

Paul has spoken to Laurent and Sharon from Delice Deli about having a social evening from about 6-8pm on 6th April. Aiming for around 20 people, with a maximum of 40, with an estimated cost of £10 per head. It will be a buffet meal and veggie options will be available, with cakes for dessert included and people buying their own drinks as extra. Paul will ask if any of the town twinning folk would like to come as it demonstrates & promotes local food. Pay money to Laurent and Sharon at the Deli – remember to tell them if you are veggie.

Fiona reported that the seed swap went well, and she got email addresses from several people who would like to attend a seed saving workshop in the Autumn.   May also do a plant swap in April/May time when people are likely to have excess seedlings.  Sharon also offered a spare compost bin to the community allotment project – we’ve also had an offer from Ron McKeating for compost tumbler and Paul has a couple of water butts from B&Q that need minor repairs.

Ken reported that 16 trees were planted at the Gorse Covert community orchard which is a good start on the planned total of around 100. The project is looking for more members and is negotiating with council about the status of site. Event was covered under TL insurance – Ken was wondering about the more long term liability though. The group aim to get properly constituted so that they can open a bank account, etc.

Community allotment: Fiona is going to set a fixed night and weekend time. Decided on Saturday morning at 10am for these sessions starting on 16th March. Also doing a weekly evening digging session starting at 5.30pm on 13th March. On 20th March in the evening there’ll be a social dig to celebrate the Spring Equinox. Current task is to dig over as much of the site as we can before planting seed spud and broad beans on the Spring Equinox. Paul said he has signed the yearly rental and paid £72 for it from the TL general funds. Offering to do an fruit tree planting workshop (under LSSN) on plot neighbouring – John needs to check that Sue (the owner) is allowed to plant top fruit trees. Talked about funding opportunities and how the community allotments can relate to the neighbouring Paget Pastures.

This Saturday 9th March there’s a workshop on Bobby and Andy’s allotment. Next Tuesday evening there’s a meeting in Nottingham about Todmoden’s edible town project. The meeting starts at 7.30pm, but Fiona suggested leaving 6.45 or earlier.   Martha bring a car load from Loughborough, and Steve and Jon will be going together in Steve’s van.

Sunday 2nd June is planned to be a tour between the different food growing projects in Loughborough – “Flock around the Crops!”. Starting at our community allotment at 9.30am with Fiona explaining aims of the plot. Then walk/cycle/drive over to Shelthorpe community garden for the a look and explanation of what they’ve been doing. Next look at Mountfields Youth Club, followed by Bobby’s plots on Forest and then onto LAGS at the University. Paul has already mentioned it to the East Midlands in Bloom folk who like the idea. This will also tie into Judy’s idea for a “Big Lunch” on a community space somewhere (either half way round the tour as lunch or as a big tea in the afternoon after going round everywhere).

Loughborough in Bloom – several of us attended the seminar at Loughborough Town Hall. Last date for applying for the Its Your Neighbourhood community scheme is on March 20th. There’s also a mass form filling session for the scheme planned for March 21st, which Steve and Fiona will attend to enter the TL Community Allotment.

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