Agenda for Food & Gardens Group Meeting 7th March 2013

The next meeting of the Transition Loughborough Food & Gardens group will be on Thursday 7th March at 7.00pm  in upstairs room at the Organ Grinder pub, located in Wood Gate, Loughborough.  All are welcome to attend – we just ask that you buy a drink when you come into the pub as thanks for them providing the room to us.

Martha will be chairing the meeting and Paul has supplied the following draft agenda:

1. Welcome.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. News and developments (not covered by the items below).
4. Invitation to attend Town Twinning Event at John Storer House on Saturday (day time) 6th April 2013. Deadline to register a place Friday 8th March.
5. Social/Local Food evening (6.00pm – 8.00pm) at Delice Deli on Saturday 6th April 2013. Please see below)
6. Report from Seed swap (Fiona).
7. Report from Gorse Covert tree planting 2nd March (Ken)
8. Community allotment (Fiona) including:
– signed agreement and responsibilities (Paul)
– Report from first digging day 3rd March (Fiona)
– offer of Tumbling composter
– synergy with Paget Pastures and funding opportunities (John Sweet and Jon Knight)
– objectives for March, including 20th March proposal (Fiona)
– arrangements for trip to Nottingham Organics (Fiona)
9. “Rock around the Plots” 2nd June 2013 (Paul)
10.. Big Lunch 2nd June 2013 (Judy)
11. LAGS workshops (Martha)
12. Loughborough in Bloom (Martha)
– Report from East Midlands seminar 20th February (Martha)
– Do we want to be part of “In Your Neighbourhood 2013”?
13 Any other business.
14. Date and venue of next meeting.

Re item 5, Lauren from Delice Deli has estimated the price of putting on a buffet being at £9.00 per head (£7.00 for a signature platter of favourite charcuterie, cheeses and pate, freshly baked bread, and £2.00 for cake platters). Drinks would be paid individually and separately.

The proposal is to include and promote local Food and Drinks (especially to back up our message at the Town Twinning event earlier in the day) and for there to be a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.

We would hope to invite some of the people from our “Twin towns” as well as new contacts that are developing (eg  Loughborough Skills Share Network).

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