Homes Behaving Badly Event

tinaholt9feb13rodgercanning9feb014Over 25 turned up to our first energy efficiency awareness event to learn how we can make our houses more energy-efficient.

Tina Holt, from transition West Bridgford presented the results from their HOBBS Report, and discussed free and low-cost options to the medium and high cost options.

The case studies demonstrated the big savings that can be made through energy-saving habits and run-of-the-mill improvements to our homes and illustrated what else can be done to turn an ordinary house into a low-energy home and how much effort and money might be required.

Rodger Canning from Permarock Products introduced external wall insulation, a very serious energy-saving measure, expensive, but very effective in improving the energy efficiency and thermal comfort. £450 per annum may be saved with costs ranging from £7000 to £15000. Green Deal and Eco were discussed and the latter, ECO, may provide help for low-income households and/or those with hard to treat homes such as the many Loughborough homes which have solid walls.

Tina also discussed the work of the Energy Saving co-operative which is working with Parmarock on 100 solid wall retrofits in Oxfordshire and a smaller project in West Bridgford. The ethos of the co-op resonates very well with Transition with an emphasis on building the local economy, training and employing local traders to undertake retrofit measures. With local supplier Permarock and the ESC on board, Retrofit Loughborough is well positioned to establish such a project here, offering householders the opportunity to save costs by taking part in a larger scheme.

To keep in touch with the Retrofit Loughborough, register here. For those who are interested, the presentations may be downloaded here:

Rodger Canning – PermaRock Loughborough Transition Event

Tina Holt HOBBS talk

Energy Saving Coop Presentation

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