Energy Group Meeting 13 Feb


The Energy Group meeting is on Wednesday the 13th February in the back room of the Swan in the Rushes from 7.30pm

All welcome!


1. Retrofit Loughborough

  • Progress and results from the Energy Efficiency Information Day on Sat 9th Feb
  • Where next

2. Moving forward on renewable energy schemes:

  • Solar scheme – eg offering solar thermal installs as well as PV
  • Community Energy e.g. Fox Energy
  • Recording energy use – see below

3. Objectives for the year

  • The open meeting requested all subgroups to prepare objectives for the year ahead

4. Future Meetings

Measuring PV Performance in Loughborough

For those who are interested, check these recording sites out before we discuss what we should do:

Solar Yield EU

over 9000 registrants, mainly Germany (6888), only 7 in UK. International comparisons, daily, monthly, annual views.


14500 installations. Difficult to use. Mainly France but 171 in the UK

Sheffield Solar Farm Microgen database

Directly geared up for solar. Downloadable spreadsheet great for making comparisons and shows you the 20 nearest installations to your own. Has over 2000 installs registered BUT only 277 complete annual recordings up to Nov 2012. Seems to fail to remind people to donate their data!

Australia based? But has 382 UK systems

iMeasure Oxford Env Change institute

Does not seem geared up for measuring PV output.

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