Food and Gardens group meeting on Thurs 7th Feb

For folk interested in local food production the next meeting of the Transition Loughborough Food and Gardens group is meeting Thursday 7th February from 7pm to 9pm in the upstairs room of the Organ Grinder pub in Loughborough.

The agenda is currently:

  • Overview of the ideals behind local food production and distribution
  • Welcome to Delicious Deli (to hear about a local food project they would like to do with Transition Loughborough).
  • Transition Loughborough – local aspirations for 2013 (All) (to report to next General Meeting on 13th March 2013).
  • Transition Loughborough Community Allotment (Fiona) including

    – feedback from Steve’s meeting with Joanna Herbert Stepney (Steve)

    – shed and green house acquisition

    – feedback on site visit 02.02.13 (Fiona)

    consider options/arrangements for moving project forward (All)

  • Community orchard latest (Ken)
  • “The Big Tea” at community orchard (Judy)
  • Food growing workshops (Martha/Fiona)
  • Loughborough Vegetarian & Vegan Society (Steve/Sophia)
  • Loughborough food projects join-up day/2013 food leaflet (Paul)
  • Any Other Business
  • Decide on date/time/place of next meeting

All welcome – you don’t need to have been to a group meeting before and all we (well the pub actually!) ask is that you buy a drink for yourself on the way in (it keeps the room free!).

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