Announcing Food & Gardens group meeting on 10th Jan 2013

The Transition Loughborough  Food & Gardens group meets next Thursday, 10th January, at the Organ Grinder pub (upstairs room) from 7.00pm.  Here’s the initial agenda for the meeting as posted by Paul on the TL Google Group mailing list last week:

1. Food production and extreme weather. What do drought and flood mean for our future food production, both globally and locally.
2. Skills around Food production (Steve).
3. Paget Pastures/King George allotment – an opportunity to learn and practice growing food and link with local communities.
4. New Parks allotment, Leicester – information circulated by Phil.
5. Transition Loughborough contribution to Loughborough University project? Weighing produce etc.
6. Seed swap (Fiona).
7. Community orchard latest and next steps (Ken).
8. Apple press – 2012 evaluation (Steve).
9. Possible eating/socialising together opportunities in 2013.
10. Anything else.

All welcome – the venue and meeting is free and all the pub ask is that everyone attending buys a drink (soft drink or alcohol).

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