Apple pressing events going well!

The Transition Loughborough apple press has been seeing a lot of use over the Autumn harvest season.  The press and scratter, funded by a grant from Charnwood Borough Council and built locally to a design used successfully by Transition Leicester for several years, has been visiting community groups across the town.  Lots of fruit that would otherwise just go to waste has been pressed and turned into delicious fresh apple juice!

Today for example the press was at the LSU Landscaping & Gardening Society garden on the University campus as part of the harvest “Fruit Route” celebrations. University staff, students and members of the local community brought boxes of apples from their gardens and public spaces.  Three loads were scratted (pulped into a mash to allow more juice to be extracted) and then pressed during the afternoon generating many litres of fresh apple juice.  Some of this was drunk on site (including some heated over a camp fire to help ward away the autumn chill!), some was bottled for future events and some was taken home by people attending the event.  There were also dried apple chips, apple cake and other treats on offer.

Ken filling Apple press

Ken filling the Transition Loughborough apple press at the Landscaping & Gardening Society event on 26th October 2012

The press is at the LAGS garden on campus again tomorrow (Saturday 27th October 2012) for a second session of juicing between 2.30pm and 4pm (along with walking the Fruit Route around campus at 1pm, morris dancing from 4pm and an acoustic folk band between 6pm and 8pm).

There are also more events still to come – between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 10th November we’ll be at Gorse Covert Community Centre and then on  Monday 12th November the Womens’ Environmental Network will be using the press at the Shree Ram Krishna Centre.

Come along to get your apples pressed and/or sample the delights of real, freshly pressed apple juice. Yum!

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