Food & Gardening sub-group 4th Oct 2012 meeting notes

Apple Pressings

The apple pressings are going well – next one is Monday 15th Oct at Shelthorpe Primary school.  The pressings we’ve already run have had some coverage in the Loughborough Echo. 20th October there’s a pressing at Wymeswold in the scout hut. WAGS have a pressing on afternoon of 22nd October, followed by LAGS on 26th and 27th October. 10th November 2-4pm at Gorse Covert. People coming to help at any of these are encouraged to bring any apples they have.

There’s some concern about the build quality of the press – Steve is sending a letter to the chap who built it. Ken suggested producing some generic TL labels that can be affixed to the bottles (Jon to knock something up).

Community Orchard

We are gaining support of a number of interested parties.

Planting trees for CNH

A suggestion has been made for planting a couple of fruit trees near Mario Tinenti Centre, but CNH are worried about anti social behaviour as a result (eg kids throwing apples at windows or damaging the trees). Suggestion made that there may be case studies of tree planting at other social housing sites that we could use as examples. Also there is the option of growing soft fruit bushes such as gooseberries.


Some support has been gathered for more growing spaces – we need to gather information about potential growing spaces which Judy was keen on at the previous group meeting at the farm earlier in the summer. The CBC website already mentions that the council is looking to acquire more land for growing.

Winter Feast

This will be in the Polish Club on Thurs 29th November, which Lillian has booked (cost: £30). At the next meeting we’ll ask people to bring some pre-prepared foods and Martha will coordinate the making of some soup on the night. Green Drinks is now on Friday 30th November.

Gardening Skills Workshop

Steve went to JSH and Bobby Smith is already doing a gardening scheme. Martha suggested we need publicity for the gardening skills workshop on October 13th.

Next Food & Gardens meeting on 8th November at 7pm at Old Courthouse Cafe.

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