Energy sub-group meeting notes

Present: Philip, Neil, Jon, Bertil, Joe, Sam

Started off talking about the CDSEF idea from Joe. A google group is setup for the   group and Joe has walked round Loughborough posting a flyer through 10 doors and, where possible, talking to the householders. Neil came along after reading the CDSEF leaflet and had tried to join the Google group, and Joe had also had someone he’d talked to come round to look at his system. Neil is a solar installer and offered to send Joe’s brochure round to his customers.

Leafleting the solar PV scheme: Neil said that over half of his customers are older people, so maybe we should target places where they will congregate (eg bowls clubs, tennis clubs, etc). Still need to put an advert in the Echo.

Philip’s retrofit scheme: not much has happened over the summer, aside from Ewan from the Energy-Saving Coop contacting us to say that they’ve appointed a new member of staff who would be very interested in working with us on such a scheme. Permarock have offered to use their premises for meetings about the scheme. Philip reckons we need to keep a watching brief from LEAF2 funding calls so that we’re ready to apply for grant funding when it appears. Joe liked Philip’s
original draft document.

Position on Green Deal: we should play a waiting game to see how it turns out, but maybe also point out that 8% is a pretty hefty interest rates on the loans. ESC have an advantage as they aren’t tied the Green Deal.

Sam is a member of a student group hoping to persuade the University and its partners to improve the energy efficiency of their Halls of Residence. Jon and Bertil could help put them in touch with folk in Facilities Management that are concerned with energy saving measures being deployed on campus.

Steve’s Greeniversity workshop: Philip suggested Stuart from Permarock. Neil suggested maybe getting someone in from Eco-house in Leicester. Jon asked if Green Fox in Leicester was doing anything yet as it had gone quiet.  Joe said he’d not seen anything either.

CBC anti-fuel poverty strategy: the retrofit project could fit in here. Tolu was driving the CBC end of things so we need find out if its still going. Bertil said that Leicestershire have a group that goes out to help tell people on energy saving/efficiency, targetting groups likely to be in fuel poverty. Joe was not happy with the term “fuel poverty”: this lead to a bit of a wide ranging debate to round the meeting off!

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