Food & Gardens subgroup meeting 23rd August

Present: as well as the usual suspects of Barry, Steve, Martha, Paul, Ken + Lillian it was great to have Kathy & John Sweet, Roy Campsall and Rebecca Scott.

Apple Orchards

  • Tim Adkin, key contact not present,
  • Roy liased with Sayeed at council who require local people to manage the orchards,
  • Joint event in November, apple pressing and open meeting about Gorse Covert Orchard
  • Ken to coordinate poster
  • Paul to confirm date

Apple Pressings

  • Dates of apple pressings to be posted on Google Group (and now added to Google Calendar on TL website)
  • Supporting leaflet to be produced
  • Opportunity for all to support pressings and skill share, etc

Breadmaking Course

  • All places have been filled with 2 from Grarme
  • 15th September 2-4pm
  • More courses planned

Gardening Workshops

  • Martha and Steve to organise meeting with Bobby & Andy & several LAGS members
  • They should be seasonal
  • A grand tour of garden projects should be organised & system of distributing supplies

Full Transition Meeting

  • NOT 29th August
  • NOT 5th September
  • Aiming for 12th September

Green Army

  • Success of Beacon Road Growzone discussed
  • Be great to have more Growzones
  • Green Army to help make big jobs more manageable and fun
  • Plus opportunity to skill share
  • Will organise days on Paul & Caroline’s allotments
  • Barry mentioned Radio 4 news item about turning unused land into allotments
  • Adds weight to Judy’s efforts to coordinate plans to pressure council for more allotments

Promoting Local Food

  • Local2Loughborough accreditation mark discussed
  • To be followed by the Loughbhrough £1
  • Dream on…

Winter Feast

  • Lilian & Ken have booked the Polish Club for 29th November subject to liasing with dance classes the same evening
  • Prepare a soup together and bring some ready made dishes in the small hall and kitchen

Loughborough Skill Share Network

  • £750 grant cheque has arrived
  • Website still not live
  • Need to be thinking of workshop ideas to populate website
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