Energy Sub-group Meeting 20th June 2012

Present: Joe, Caroline, Jon, Philip

1. Solar PV bulk purchase scheme

Jon produced a leaflet for the solar PV scheme, which was used at the Picnic in the Park event, and the text has already been put online and used in Twitter promotions. Caroline said she was still waiting for feedback on the figures from New World Solar before putting out our press release. Joe said that his own solar PV installation was already showing excellent energy savings from grid sourced power. Still need to get the Echo advert – Jon will chase Steve for details of costs/format.  May be able to get NWS to pay for promotion. Need to work out a marketing strategy so that we approach the right people – the Picnic in the Park seemed to have a lot of social housing tenants attending who, even if interested in our scheme, can’t make use of it.

2. Energy Saving Coop

Caroline said that she was still unclear on the benefits of the Energy Saving Coop. Philip said that he was keen on using the Energy Saving Coop as part of other TL projects. We decided to just mention the coop at the next open meeting, saying that Jon had joined as an individual member and we’d be investigating the coop further as part of Philip’s energy efficiency scheme (see below).

3. Energy Efficiency Scheme

Philip introduced a first draft of his paper on a proposed Energy Efficiency retro-fit scheme for existing Loughborough housing stock. The idea is to generate a nascent project that can sit ready for funding that can produce examples of homes that have had energy saving measures implemented and that can be periodically used to host ‘open house’ events.  The scheme would involve us partnering with housing stock owners, energy assessors, installers, financing (Energy Saving Coop?) and potentially allow skills training to build up a local cadre of energy efficiency measures installation contractors. Philip is planning to organise a meeting with stakeholders to drive this project forward.

4. Energy Saving Champions Project

Energy Saving Champions are people that are trained to look at potential ways to save energy in houses, both behavioural (turning off lights, reducing the central heating temperature, etc) and physical (installing insulation, double glazing, using low energy bulbs, etc) changes. These people can then either go out to houses in the community to advise people, run energy saving surgeries at community/council/etc sites or man stalls at fairs, markets, etc. This could be a useful skill-share project to skill up suitable people. Need to do background research if Charnwood already have such providers and if there would be someone who could do training. County council have a grant pot called Shires Climate Grants that may fund 50% of training.

5. Green Fox Launch Report (Joe)

Green Fox is a Transition Leicester initiated community energy scheme for Leicestershire. Joe said that the scheme was interesting but isn’t publicly asking for investments yet.  Some of the financial details are still unclear, possibly because of the constant market shifts in FITS payment rates coupled with solar installation pricing instability earlier in the year, but the group really need to work through the numbers to show that such a scheme is viable.  Joe is going to try to remain involved with the group, and we should probably encourage them to consider system installations outside Leicester city (eg Loughborough hospital or a school/University building).

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