Splendid time at the Picnic in the Park

Transition Loughborough joined a number of other groups at the Picnic in the Park today.  This event, organised by Charnwood Arts and held in Queens Park, was a great way to meet more towns folk and talk with them about issues surrounding climate change, Peak Oil and local resilience.  Luckily the rain held off and there were lots of people at the event.

Transition Loughborough had several stalls including climate change information, energy saving & generation, plant swaps and the apple press.  There was an art project being run that encouraged children to help “colour in” a large globe using recycled paper.  We shared the area we were located in with the Master Composters and the Hastings Ward community group.

Apple Press at Picnic in the Park, 5th June 2012

Some of the Transition Loughborough stalls just after setting up (before the crowds arrived!)

Some more stalls in the “Transition area” including the plants swaps, Master Composters and the children’s art project.

The Hastings Ward community stand, displaying some excellent photographs taken of the local area.

Thanks to the various groups who lent us gazebos, tables, chairs and equipment, the volunteers who turned up on the day to staff the stalls, Charnwood Arts for inviting us to take part and everyone who came up and chatted with us!

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One Response to Splendid time at the Picnic in the Park

  1. Nichole Browne says:

    Thanks for a warm welcome when I stopped by to chat. One of the people on your stalls mentioned that there was a carbon reduction group happening in Shepshed (Footsteps group?). Please can you tell me how I can find out more about that group?

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