Bike Maintenance Workshop

On Wednesday 6th June 2012 we’re going to hold the first Transition Loughborough bicycle maintenance workshop.  You can bring your bike and/or your questions along and have an experienced cyclist and bike maintainer either help you fix it or explain what you can do yourself.  We can also discuss what topics people would find interesting/useful for future workshops.

With the kind agreement of  the Landscaping and Gardening Society we’re going to hold the workshop at their meeting shed.  This is located at the University towards the back of car park 5 in the centre of the campus.  Here’s a map if you’ve not been there before:

How to find the Landscaping and Gardening Society Shed at the back of car park 5 on the Loughborough University campus.

The workshop will start at 5.30pm and will probably last for an hour or so (depending on how many people we have attend and what problems they bring with them!).  Hopefully this will be the first workshop in a series so that we can help support and encourage the use of cycles in and around the town.
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