Open Meeting Notes – Fearon Hall 17th April 2012


Apologies from Sue, Diana, Jo and Caroline.

1. Time for reflection.

2. Financial report.

Paul circulated the current finances – we’re still in the black! Apple press will be collected tomorrow which is costing us £945. The remainder of the £1000 CBC grant will be used to buy an electric power drill to run the scratter (device to mash up the apples prior to pressing). We’re getting a banner from Loughborough University’s £200, along with the printing of some leaflets. People buying things need to keep receipts. Vicky from WAGS suggested a printing source for the leaflets which she said was very good (they’ve used them repeatedly).

3. A.O.B “What to Spend The Money On?”

Jon suggested bike maintanence workshops might want tools or better yet a stand for working on a bike, so these items could be added to the wishlist. He volunteered to get some quotes for suitable equipment for the next open meeting. Steve asked that other people with suggestions should bring them to the Google Group so that we can have a decision about what to spent the money on at the next open meeting.

Vicky said that on April 24th 6-8pm there is a meeting at John Storer House about various funding/grants opportunities available.  This isn’t a public open meeting but interested folk may be able to get added to the invitation list.

Subgroup Reports:

1. Hearts & Minds (coordinator: Sue)
Picnic In the Park

Yesterday was the deadline so we’re going to have 5 stalls. Sue and possibly Katherine Jones will be maintaining a couple of general information stalls. Ruth supported by two of Sues friends will be doing the children’s activity. Paul and Steve will run the food group stall. Jon will do an energy stall. We have three marquees that Paul and Steve will collect on Friday, and the LGS shed has several tables we can use. There’s also a request from Charnwood Arts for “general” volunteers which Paul will circulate on the Google Groups.

A5 Leaflet; Banner/Logo.

Philip said that the leaflet text is more or less done and we’re waiting now for the logo and getting the right pictures. Ken has been working on the logo for TL and could get a 6ftx3ft banner made for £40. Getting the banner producers designers to design the logo would cost £45 and would be basic, so Ken is keen to work with Ksenija (the lady who is working on the food & gardens leaflet with Steve and LGS works before). We need a vector file so that it can be scaled up and down. Some discussion of the design of the food leaflet`and whether to include electoral wards in the map so that people can identify where the gardens are.

Youth Council (Roxanna)

Report was sent to the Google group. As Sue and Roxanna weren’t at the meeting it was decided to defer discussing this to a later meeting.

Footpaths (Amy)

A Transition Leicester initiative that’s being rolled out to other Transition Towns. Groups of up to nine people take part in seven meeting.  Each meeting is  focused on a different aspect of sustainabilty and how you can reduce your impact in those areas. Anyone can go on the facilitator training from Transition Leicester and then start up their own group – contact Amy or Sue if you’re interested.

2. Energy (Coordinator: Caroline and Philip).

Jon said next meeting of Energy Group will be on 2nd May at 7.30pm in Swan in the Rushes.  Major topic of discussion will be how we can improve promotion and take up of the solar PV bulk purchase discount scheme.  Also probably talk a bit about other renewable energy projects and schemes that we might be able to help out with.

3. Food & Gardens (Coordinator: Paul).
Beacon Rd Growzone;

A prototype local gardening scheme that Caroline is running and Steve is part of in the street where Caroline lives to help get local folk helping each other with gardens.


Potato growing workshop at the LGS garden on Thursday evening at 18.30 with a Food and Gardens subgroup meeting afterwards. Cost for workshop is £3.


Paul is involved in the gardening scheme for local residents.

Food training;

Vicky Dawson from WAGS is running basic food skills workshops that train people how to cook and then pass those skills on to others in their community. Vicky has also got 100 growbags, 25 watering cans, tomato plants, etc from B&Q with a last minute grant that is being used a competition for the children in the area (who can grow the biggest, etc).

LGS Projects;

Meetings at 4pm on Fridays in the LGS garden behind car park 5 on the University campus.  All welcome to help with growing, drinking tea, eating cake and chatting!


Discussed as part of leaflet distribution.

4. Reskilling. (Coordinator: Steve)
Bike Maintenance

Steve and Yvette are organising a bike maintenance workshop.  Jon has contacted LUFBUG (Loughborough University’s Bike User Group) and has a couple of experienced bike maintainers from there that are willing to help, as well as several folk interested in taking part to learn more.  The students at the LGS meeting were also interested, and so using the LGS shed as a venue could reach quite a few cyclists.

Re-skilling Project.

At the next TL open meeting on 23rd May at Glebe House Steve would like to concentrate
on talking with a chap from the Peterborough’s “Greeniversity” project who he has recently had a meeting with. This will let us find out more about the scheme and what is expected of us. There is a £750 grant for equipment, but the need to run 100 re-skilling workshops.

5. Transport (Coordinator: Jon)
New group to promote walking, cycling, public transport use and  encourage fewer car journeys.  Jon is going to coordinate getting a group set up.

Preparing for Picnic in the Park by tearing up magazine’s for Ruth’s plan to help children make a large blue and green collage of planet Earth.  Anyone who can tear out blue, green or black sections from old colour supplements, magazines, etc is still more than welcome to bring them to the next meeting.


Paul reminded anyone interested in the “Two Fields” project that we’re meeting at the site at 7pm this coming Sunday (22nd April) to look at the land available and discuss possible plans.

Next Meeting: 23rd May at Glebe House (old Court Rooms near Beehive Lane Car Park).

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