Review of 2011 Meeting

Present: Sue, Steve, Paul, Jimll

Paul presented a list of main TL achievements for 2011 for review. Sue and Jimll gave a couple of comments on this, and the document will be useful for informing potential funders of what we’ve done (and so we don’t forget!).

Having the next TL general meeting in January with the Bangladesh community in Ferryman Road (back of old Towels site near the canal).

The main purpose of the meeting was to look back at  what sub-groups/projects people had suggested during the year so that we didn’t miss any “threads” that have been put forward over the past year.  Some of these already have people interested in taking part/leading them.   Folk are encouraged to speak up on the mailing list or at one of the TL face-to-face meetings if they’d like to get involved with one or more of these threads, especially if they’d be able to drive the thread foward as a sub-group.  We can’t have the same people all trying to do everything!

General threads:

1. Contact with Transition Leicester (Paul responsible for this) so that they can tell us more about how they are set up.

2. Paul suggested the possibility of another JSH meeting in July as a way of picking up people that we haven’t seen since last summer, as JSH is a central location.

3. Have an outdoor event to raise profile of TL, possibly combined with Charnwood Arts Summer Picnic in the Park. Sue has been talking to CA and they are extremely keen on this as they originally started 30 years ago with a focus on sustainability. Churches are also interested in getting involved. CA have asked if someone from TL would like to come to a meeting about this plan on Monday at 4pm (Paul might be able to make this meeting, and possibly Steve as well).

4. Links to, and liaison with, other Transition groups, so that we avoid clashing events (eg lots of Apple days at the same time).

5. Working with CBC to update the climate change leaflet so that it also includes Peak Oil, effects upon Loughborough and introducting TL.

6. Possibility of Green films being shown. Judy was interested in doing this (Sue will email her about this) and of course Martha is already showing films open to the public at the University.

7. Resilience planning “game” where we look at how the town would react to a mass failure of power, transport, etc. (Paul to check with Caroline about who can help us with that).

8. Links to other groups (business, education, WI, community, etc). Education is more likely to be awareness raising rather than getting into schools (which would be difficult). Sue was keen on build use of local businesses, but Sue is likely to be too busy to deal with this
until April/May. Steve keen on a local “Transition shop”, possibly located in Shepshed to promote local products and businesses and build social capital. WI is linked to reskilling people. Steve also keen to produce a local directory of “transition type things” already going on in Loughborough (eg local egg producers, etc). Steve and Sue are going to start a TL “local business links” sub-group, and the first thing they’re planning on doing is contacting Town Centre Partnership group to see if they already have a local business directory project, and if not, whether they’d be interested in a TL produced one.

9. Wildlife – need to find out more about how this relates to Transition. Could also be viewed as wildlife friendly gardening (and similar permaculture ideas). Sue to contact the people who suggested this thread back at the summer JSH meeting to see how they’d like to take things forward.

10. Campaigning – Amy wanted to get us doing this.

11. Planning – Judy and Diana were keen on getting edible planting and sustainable transport issues built into planning responses from CBC.

12. Diversity – reach out to more community groups from TL. This is “diversity” in its widest sense (eg race, age, sex, etc). Sue keen on talking to Youth Council, who are already working with Charnwood Arts. Sue will contact Harris to ask if he wants to be involved in this.
Try to get people in different groups to share knowledge with us (such as we did with the Apple Day at the Shree Ram Krishna Centre). Ask if groups could translate posters advertising TL events into their own languages. Other potential groups are the Sikh, Polish and Italian communities.

Food threads:

1. Occasional eating together evenings – like the TL Xmas meal – Paul keen on this, along with Steve.

2. Community baking, empowering folk though group cooking, etc. Paul asking Graham if he’d be interested in a bread baking session next year.

3. Steve interested in reclaim urban space, and Paul’s been supporting Chapman Street gardening group.

4. Apple press – Paul has put in funding bids of a TL apple press that we can use for pressing local fruit and engaging with other groups in the town.

Energy threads:

1. Solar bulk purchase scheme part 2: solar thermal – Caroline and Jimll will drive this.

2. Measure to improve take up of home insulation – Jimll keen to get something up and running with this.

3. Energy descent plan – Jimll started on this.

Transport Threads:

1. Promoting cycling and starting a cycle repair/maintenance workshop. Karl and Sue were interested in cycling issues. We’ve made contact with the Loughborough District Cycling Campaign.

2. Congestion and public transport planning and issues. Yvette and Jimll both keen on this.

The next meeting is going to be the Winter Feast on 13th December at the Spectrum centre, which will have a vegan soup made at the start of the event (so that the maximum number of people can eat it). In the New Year, the next meeting is at the Bangladesh community centre at 29 Ferryman Road – Paul is distributing posters with the time/date.

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